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Herb and Spice Flavourings

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There is a wonderful selection of aromatic herbs and spices that can be used to flavour beer, mead and distilled spirits.

Why not try flavouring your favourite beverage.

Still Spirits Gin Botanical Basket kit 

Still Spirits Gin Botanical replacement kit

Juniper Berries: traditional flavouring for Gin. Also heavy beers, stouts and porters.

Anise:  Adds a strong black licorice flavour to specialty beers. excellent for spirit flavouring.

Licorice Root: excellent for porters and stouts. Increases head retention.

Coriander: Traditionally used in Witbeir and some Belgian beers

Ginger: Common additive in mead, dark ales and mulled wines

Lavender: Traditional mead herb

Orange Peel: Bitter orange adds flavour to Belgian Wit and spiced beers.  Sweet orange peel addas a sweet citrusy character to strong ales. Also popular as a spirit flavour

Rosehips: Gives beer a citrusy flavour and a red colour.

Cinnamon: (Cassia)  Goes well with ginger, honey and orange flavours