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BESTMALZ AG and its subsidiaries, Palatia Malz, Malzfabrik Hoepfner and Maelzerei Wallertheim, have gained an excellent reputation for quality in the brewing industry  and are today known around the world. BestMalz malts represent the optimal basis for smooth brewing processes.     "More than just the best malt" is the BESTMALZ motto and the quality of their products forms the basis for successful brewing.


Mouterij Dingemans is a family run, independent Belgian malting business, with 4th and 5th generation members active in the business today. For decades they have produced a full range of Belgian malts, with their caramelized and roasted malts being produced in a roasting drum to guarantee homogeneous saccharification and caramelisation.


Weyermanns (Bramburg) Malting  The 135-year-old malt house of Weyermann® Specialty Malts is a protected historic site. But behind the red-brick turn-of-the-century exterior lies the modernized heart of the world ́s leading manufacturer of specialty brewing malts. 

Weyermann® offers the world’s largest malt portfolio, produced entirely in-house, and has become the leading malt supplier to the worldwide craft brew industry. They have been serving the American craft brew industry since 1994 and are now by far the largest supplier of European malt to the United States!