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5 litre Mead Making Kit (equipment only)


5 litre Mead kit (equipment) $85.00

 A simple beginning to your mead making adventures, this equipment kit will get  you started making 5 litres at a time.

EQUIPMENT:..$85.00  (equipment value over $100.00)

  • 5 litre Italian glass demijohn
  • Swing clip sealing lid  (good for storage purposes)
  • Silicone winery grade Bung and airlock to fit
  • 5 litre PRO series polyethylene measuring jug
  • Winemakers hydrometer
  • calibrated polyethelene hydrometer test jar
  • 250gm  sterilising powder
  • syphon/racking outfit including stainless steel rod, sediment tip  and beverage hose
  • Book;  Making Mead 
Mead ingredients can be purchased separately ..click here
Making Mead, The art and the Science
from the American Honey Board.