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Still Spirits Complete T500 Distillery kit (ARITSAN COPPER)


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IN STOCK including new dual element boiler

Still Spirits complete T500 distillery kit with COPPER CONDENSOR and NEW DUAL ELEMENT BOILER ..$795.00 incl gst


What is included


  • Copper Artisian Reflux  Condensor  This includes all items that are supplied with the Artisan copper condensor. ie. digital thermometer, column packing, hoses etc
  • 25lt stainless steel T 500 boiler (NEW DUAL ELEMENT MODEL)
  • Spirit Alcoholometer  
  • SG wash hydrometer
  • water flow controller with tap adapter
  • 30lt Fermenter, airlock,
  • tap and sediment reducer
  • stick on thermometer
  •  EZ filter unit 

    • accessories including measuring jug, stirring spoon.

The ingredients

  • Turbo Production Pack includes  6kg sugars, Still Spirits Classic 6kg yeast, Carbon and Turbo clearing agent 
  • 6x Classic Spirits to make 1lt each (selection of Whiskey, Scotch, American Bourbon, Gin, Brandy and rums)
  • Bourbon Oak Staves. 200gm
  • 3 Still Spirits liqueurs:  Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps & Cafelua.
  • Distillers Conditioner 
  • Detergent
  • Steriliser
  • Instructions