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135 years of handcrafted passion means Briess can deliver more taste with richer colours in all their grains and malts. . You can taste it in their robust flavours. You can see it in their rich colors. And you can count on it performing the way you expect.

Standard malts and specialty malts

There are two main categories of malt: standard and specialty. Standard (base or brewers) malts contain high amounts of enzymes, complex carbohydrates and sugars necessary for fermentation. Specialty malts are produced when the length of time, temperature or humidity of the three stages of the malting process—steeping, germination and drying—are adjusted to develop unique flavors and colors, or distinctive functionality.

More intense heating decreases the amount of enzymes available for fermentation, so many specialty malts are designed to be used in smaller amounts to contribute unique flavors such as intense malty, sweet caramel, nutty, woody, coffee or burnt, and rich colors ranging from golden to red to black.

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