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BettABrew® KnockOut Stout (with Kent Golding Hops)


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BettABrew® KnockOut Stout is an authentic full bodied Irish style Stout...this is a 3kg pack.  

The Bitterness is moderate and balanced by the addition of U.K Kent Golding Aroma hops which the customer can add either at the initial fermentation stage, or prior to kegging or bottling. 

One of the key ingredients in a classic Irish Stout is Roasted Barley. Roast Barley gives Irish Stout its classic dry coffee-like flavor, deep dark color, and white foamy head. Unlike other dark malts, Roast Barley is made from unmalted barley grain that is roasted at high temperature while being lightly sprayed with water to prevent it from burning. Roast Barley is intensely dark, around 500-550 L, but amazingly the unmalted barley produces a white head on the beer as opposed to the darker head made by other malts.

Each pack weights 3kg:    A 10gm foil sachet of U.K East Kent Golding hops is also supplied and sachet of  stout yeast strain.

Each pack  $38.00   No other additives required to make 30 large x 750ml bottles of full bodied Irish Style stout.