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BettAbrew dry concentrate beer packs

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Blended from a selection of imported roasted and dried barley malts to maximise flavour (dried malt means more concentrated flavour per kilo) and Imported and Australian hops, these packs cover a range of beer types sure to satisfy all taste preferences.You can rest assured that all Bett-A-Brew dry packs are free of any unnatural ingredients...no artificial flavours or colours, just quality natural brewing ingredients.

So easy for you to prepare!

  • Beer pack Rehydrates in cold to tepid water. Use warmer water (max 25C) in winter and cooler in summer). Temperature controlled brewing will always bring better results particularly in the hot summer months

  • pour dry ingredients directly into fermenter to mix

  • No mixing buckets, no mess, no fuss

  • Shake ingredients vigorously with approx 8 litres of water to mix and aerate (top up with water after shaking)

  • Pitch yeast immediately after mixing.