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BettAbrew dry concentrate beer packs

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Our Bett-A-Brew dry packs are crafted by blending a carefully selected mix of imported roasted and dried barley malts, maximizing flavor concentration (dried malt means more flavor per kilo), and combining them with both imported and Australian hops. This comprehensive range of packs caters to various beer types, ensuring satisfaction for all taste preferences.

When you choose Bett-A-Brew, you can trust that our dry packs are entirely free of unnatural additives. No artificial flavors or colors; just top-quality, natural brewing ingredients.

The preparation process is incredibly simple:

  1. Rehydration: The beer pack rehydrates in cold to tepid water. For optimal results, use warmer water (up to 25°C) in winter and cooler water in summer. Controlled temperature brewing consistently yields better results, especially during hot summer months.

  2. Mixing: Pour the dry ingredients directly into the fermenter to mix. No need for extra mixing buckets or complicated processes; we've eliminated the mess and fuss.

  3. Aeration: Shake the ingredients vigorously with approximately 8 liters of water to mix and aerate. After shaking, top up with water as needed.

  4. Pitching Yeast: Pitch the yeast immediately after mixing, and you're on your way to crafting your perfect brew.

With Bett-A-Brew, home brewing has never been easier. Enjoy the convenience and quality of our brewing ingredients for a satisfying brewing experience.