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March Pump 809PL-HS (high temp)


 March Pumps 809 PL-HS : Hot liquid pump: Rated to 120C..(fitted with Au plug)

The March pump is ideally suited to the home brewer for transferring hot wort. This pump is constructed of food-grade material, handles wort at boiling temperature and takes back pressure.

March Pump’s industrial 809-PL-HS-C is an American seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump ideal for applications such as home brewing and hot water systems.

It is capable of generating a maximum flow of 7.5 gallons per minute at 2 feet, and its maximum head is 12 Feet (5PSI).

The standard wet end (the materials that come into contact with the solution) is composed of Polysulfone, Stainless Steel, Teflon, Silicone and Ryton/Teflon/Glass.

 The standard motor is a 1 Phase 115V or 230V 0.04 Horsepower fan cooled motor, which can be run on 50 or 60 hertz (there are performance differences between the hertz options).  T

The maximum internal pressure the pump can tolerate is 50PSI, and the maximum liquid temperature is 250 Fahrenheit or 121 Celsius. .

The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put backpressure onthe pump to slow down the flow. It is not a self priming pump so needs to be primed.

Features include: Magnetic Drive, Rated to 120C degrees Celcius,
Food Grade, Teflon coated impeller, 21 litres/min, 2.7 metre head capacity
Inlet and Outlet 1/2" NPT.

Australian plug fitted.

Optional extras for March Pump

  • Stainless steel bracket for the March pump  +$30.00

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