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Australian grain

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Australian grown barley thrives in the clean, fresh Australian environment and its judicious selection helps produce top quality brewing malt.

All Barrett Burston grains are available in 1kg, 5kg whole or milled,  or whole grain in sacks ...in store now. 

We carry  sacks in stock at all times ready for pickup. 

Joe White Maltings and Barret Burston Maltings have a long heritage of being leading grain producers in Australia.

The Beginnings of Joe White Maltings occurred during the Gold Rush in Ballarat in the 1950's.  Their growth and malting operations expanded to become a leading Malting Company with operations throughout Australia.

Barret Burston has its origins in the various families of Burston, Hood, Smith and Barrett, pioneers who established the malting industry in Australia in the 1860"s