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Weyermann® Abbey Malt® from $3.50 kg


Weyermann® Abbey Malt® is a highly friable base malt with pronounced malty aromas, and assertive flavors such as honey, nuts as well as hints of chocolate.

Suitability (beer styles):
Traditional Abbey Beers, Trapist Beers, Belge Specialty Beers.  Blonde, Bruin
Festival Beers, Amber, Ale, Faro, Fruit Beers

Recipe Suggestion:

Weyermann® Dubbel®

This beer is a variation on the Belgian Dubbel.

The color of this beer brings memories of chestnuts, which is further reinforced by the smell, which has a hint of nuts and is accompanied by a wonderful aroma of caramel, ripe bananas and tropical fruits.

 Malt bill: Malt type %

Weyermann® Pale Ale Malt 50%

Weyermann® Abbey Malt® 40%

Weyermann® Carabelge® 10

Original gravity: 17.1 °P (1.0703) Alcohol by volume: 6.5 %

Mash: Mash in with 55°C (131.0°F), 5 min Rest, 40 min at 63°C (145.4°F), 15 min at 72°C (161.6°F), mash-out at 78°C (172.4°F) and transfer to the lauter tun.

Hops: East Kent Golding

Additions: 2 kg/hl (82.8 oz/bbl) Belgium Candy Sugar

Yeast recommendation: Fermentis® Safale S-33