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Weldless Kettle Bulkhead Kit


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This weldless bulkhead kit includes all items  to connect a ball valve tap etc through a brew kettle wall. 

Parts consist of 

  •   outside stainless steel locking nut, (has an indent to neatly hold the O ring in place) image shows brass however we supply stainless steel
  •   1 thin wall silicone O ring
  •   1 thick  wall silicone O ring 
  •   Stainless steel washer, 
  •   stainless steel nipple (1 inch long) suitable for a thin wall kettle. 
  •  1/2 NPT coupler. (so you could screw a bazooka style filter screen inside the kettle, or other 1/2 NPT fitting item.

 You will need to drill a 7/8" hole in the kettle wall.

Note; you may not require all items supplied in the kit to fit a ball valve, however we have supplied all possible items. Locking nut may not be required if fitting a ball valve.

We also supply longer threaded nipples so  you can fit a ball valve through an esky/cooler wall. 

See the cooler/esky kits.