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Vortex Aerator, Agitator (degas) and Cleaning Wand


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The New Multipurpose Vortex wand will

1. AERATE (oxygenate)  your brewing wort for a healthy fermentation

2. DEGASS your wine.

3. Clean inside demijohns or fermetners  with 2 microfibre  cleaning pads

the extra long rod is 23 inches  (60cm) making it suitable for larger size fermenters.

It is made of 304 stainless steel,  Paddles are teflon PTFE.

Use this item in conjunction with a hand held drill, for fast agitation.

PLEASE NOTE;  this is NOT a mixing rod...it will not mix thick malts or ingredients into brewing wort etc  it is for aerating or  degassing liquid only, or for cleaning if cleaning pads are attached.

(for degassing wine, only a short burst is  required otherwise you run the risk of oxygenating your finished wine.)

More information on oxygenating your brewing wort