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U.S.A Cascade


CASCADE T90 Hop Pellets

Origin: Oregon, USA. The granddaddy of American craft brewing hops, Cascade was bred in 1956 through a USDA program and first released in 1972. Its ancestry includes English Fuggle and Russian Serebrianka. The classic finishing hop for countless craft ales, Cascade’s unmistakable character is right at home in pale ales, blondes, wheats, IPAs, stouts, porters … pretty much any American craft style. Can serve as a soloist in single-hop formulations.


Famously citrus-like (particularly ruby red grapefruit) with prominent floral tones.

Medium Intensity


Alpha Acid (%): 4.5 - 7

Beta Acid (%): 4.8 - 7

Co-Humulone (%): 33 - 40

Total Oils (ml/100g): 0.7 - 1.4

Substitutes: Amarillo, Centennial, Ahtanum