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Tri Clamp Blow Off Kit


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Stainless steel 1.5 tri clamp blow off kit.

This set includes

2 x tri clamps,

2 x beaded seals,

1 stainless steel elbow,

1 tri clamp hose barb

and hose included.

A tri-clamp blow-off assembly  is a must have for those pushing the limits of their fermenter and using especially vigorously fermenting strains of yeast, such as some Belgian, Kviek and wheat strains.

This assembly is essentially a tri-clamp fitting that connects to the top of the Tri clamp Fermenter lid (1.5 tri clamp) where an airlock would normally go.
An elbow that connects with tri-clamps is included, as well as a  barb for use with  tubing (tubing included)  that can be led out into a bucket or other vessel to create a blowoff airlock.

The easy way to both control fermentation and seamlessly pressurize the Fermenter for racking!