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Temperature Probes (K type) 5 types available


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 The following probes are available to be used with K type thermometer:

Model TPK -01 Wire Probe:  K thermocouple wire probe. Good for fridge & freezers. Quick response. Max temp 150C. Fast response time. $15.00

Model TPK-01H4SS: Wire probe High Temperature. K thermocouple wire probe. Max temp 400C, 4 metre long (2 metre and 6 metre also available for special orders). Stainless steel braid & Tip. Fast response. Suits oven temperatures etc

Model TPK-02  Type K thermocouple termperature probe. Stainless steel probe. Max temp 200C. Stainless steel 150mm long, 3mm diameter. Plastic handle and 1 meter long cable. Medium response time...$19.00

Model TPK-05 Type K thermocouple temperature probe. Stainless steel probe.Fast response.  Max temperature 400C. Stainless steel probe 140mm long. plastic handle and 1 meter long curly cable. 

Model TPK-19 Stainless Steel probe HEAVY DUTY Type K temperature probe. Maximum temp 400C General purpose. Heavy duty with curly cord and plug  Probe 4.8mm diameter x 200mm. Sharp, stainless steel probe with large handle.