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Tandem vacuum filter housing for Enolmatic


tandem inline filter housing for enolmatic

 Tenco Tandem Wine Filter Housing 

  • The adjoining tandem filter housing  (combined with MEMBRANE filter cartridge which is a separate purchase)  are perfect for final filtration, though flexible enough for the complete winemaking process. Using membrane cartridges enables the winemaker to use and reuse the same cartridges up to some 5,000/8,000 litres before having to replace it.

  • Housing manufactured from food grade plastic and offers easy handling and reliable filtration under best sanitary conditions.

  • So that the filter can be reused it should be cleaned with ENOLSAN cartridge cleaning solution, a specific product for washing and sanitising membrane cartridges to prevent any mould or bacterial build up.

  • Note: (only membrane beverage filters can be cleaned and reused..other filter cartridges must be disposed of after use otherwise accumulated yeast particles can contaminate further filtrations)

  • Filter Cartridges sold separately.  2 brands available...Tenco original brand or BEA .  Both products made in Italy.

  •  TENCO filter cartridges

  • BRAVOPLEAT filter cartridges (made in Italy by BEA Technologies)