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Syrah (Shiraz) Wine yeast



(recommend zymaflore RX60 as substitute or Rhone 2226

Syrah is a Cote du Rhone isolate used for Syrah, Merlot and Carignane.

It is a high glycerol producer and offers good mouthfeel and stable color extraction. It requires high nutrient levels and shows the best sensory results when rehydrated with GO-FERM.

Typical aromas include violets, raspberries, cassis, strawberries, black pepper and grilled meat. This is a great all-around yeast, which can be used by itself or for it's mouthfeel and top-notes in a blend.

Best results with fermentations between 59 and 86 degrees F, alcohol tolerant to 16%.

Available in original 500gm vacuum sealed bricks.

or repacked and vacuum sealed into 100gm sachets.

Enoferm is a product of lallemand.