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Super Pride™

Super Pride is a seedless, high alpha acid hop. Like its mother Pride of Ringwood, Super Pride is predominantly used as a bittering hop. Apart from bittering, the influence on beer aroma is a combination of resin and fruit, with a milder impact than that of Pride of Ringwood.


With an esteemed family history, Super Pride was bred in 1987 by HPA at the Rostrevor Breeding Garden in Victoria from a cross of a female Pride of Ringwood and an Australian bred male.

She was introduced to the world in 1995, offering similar brewing traits to Pride of Ringwood, but with a higher alpha acid content.Commercial production began in 1998.

A superstar in her own right, Super Pride has been one of the major hop varieties grown by HPA since 2002 and to this day is used for the bulk of bittering needs in Australian brewed lager.

Alpha Acids 12-16%