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Still Spirits Shamrock Whiskey spirit flavouring


Shamrock Whiskey Spirit Flavouring

New look, Classic is becoming Top Shelf Select. 
Smooth and refined. Rounded and malty with notes of lemon, charred wood and sweet spice. Ideal for adding to a neutral spirit or vodka to create a premium top shelf taste experience.
Each pack holds twin sachets and flavours up to 2 x 1.125 L (1.2 US qt) bottles. Packed in the UK.

Mixing Instructions Add the contents of one sachet contents to 1.125 L (1.2 US qt) of 40% ABV neutral spirit or vodka. Rinse out any remaining flavouring from the sachet with some of the alcohol.


Flavourings (milk, barley), humectant (E422), natural flavourings (milk, barley), colours (caramel (E150a, E150d (sulphites)), preservative (sulphur dioxide (sulphites))).

Ingredients included: milk, barley (contains gluten) and sulphites