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Stainless Convoluted Wort Chiller


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A counter flow wort chiller has two channels to cool the wort. Hot Wort circulates in an inner tube while cold water circulates in the opposite direction in an outer surrounding tube.

Total length 4.3 metres
Width of coils 

Out channel diameter 22mm. Thickness 1mm
Inside channel 15mm. Thickness 1mm

This model is convoluted, which means the 1/2' of inner thin wall ½" outer diameter stainless tubing is twisted to increase the surface area exposed to the outer cooling water. This increases efficiency and speed of cooling. Stainless steel is more durable and stainproof than copper, although copper has a slight edge on heat transfer.

Important - for best results, your tap water should be 60 F. or less.

Can be used with controlled pumping or suitable for gravity flow

There are 2 threaded ports which require 1 x female  U.S.A GHT fitting  

and  1 x female 1/2 bsp fitting