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SS Brewtech Infusion Mash Tun 20 (75 litre)


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Ss Brewtech's new 20 gal  (75 litre) Infusion Mash Tun is one deadly serious piece of brewing equipment that will bring you years of great brewing and great beers!

Targeted at serious brewers this mash tun features

  • Dual wall foam insulated stainless steel tun that has great thermal retention, and high efficiency mashing
  • Foam insulated lid
  • Clear wort/set grain bed efficiently
  • a sloped bottom  (no dead space) with center drain, (just like larger commercial mash tuns)
  • a recirculation port,
  • False bottom with silicone gasket
  • a manometer to optimize your flow rate
  • Precision LCD thermometer, and thermowell
  • volume markings in both gals and litres
  • 304 stainless steel 3 piece ball valve

Dimensions 19.5" width, x 23" height body only, add 4" for handes and 3" for lid handle

shipping quote on request.