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Spundy Supreme - Spunding Valve, PRV'S, Gas harvesting


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Spundy Supreme - Compact Spunding Valve With Gas Harvesting

The single batch beer you’re fermenting is going to create between 200 and 300 litres of CO2. DON’T WASTE THE GAS!

Keg King Spundy compact spunding valves already offer brewers excellent pressure control with MASSIVE space savings.

With Spundy Supreme, brewers get the options of multi-pressure PRVs and a gas sequestering connection that will provide the ability to purge kegs with the CO2 created during fermentation.

Want to harvest the CO2 gas you’re creating in fermentation?

Get Spundy Supreme. 

Costs less than buying the components separately!

Each Spundy Supreme kit comes with:

x1 Spundy Compact Spunding Valve

x1 Blue 10psi PRV

x1 Purple 15psi PRV

x1 Liquid Disconnect

x1 Gas Disconnect

1metere 8mm OD x 5mm ID EvaFresh Gas/Beer Line and

x2 Stepless Clamps