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Spundy Plus kit with pressure relief valves


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Spundy Plus - Compact Spunding Valve and PRV Set Kit  

Get the most Compact Spunding Valve AND get the Blue (10psi) and Purple (15psi) pressure relief valves (PRV) so you can set and forget the pressure before your yeast begins fermentation.

Simply remove the black adjustable valve tip on the Spundy and replace it with either the blue or purple PRV. 

When it comes to running pressure processes in your brewery, you need pressure relief control that you can rely on to be accurate, responsive and sanitary.

Spundy Compact Spunding Valve from Keg King is designed in Australia and provides brewers with performance and flexibility all in a neat little package that is ready to use right out of the box. 

Spundy attaches to your cornelius style gas posts or carbonation caps just like a grey/gas disconnect would, so there is no need to buy another disconnect just to connect to the Spundy to your equipment.

Spundy's provides brewers with the ability to set the pressure control simply by turning the valve tip clockwise to increase pressure or counter cockwise to release.

The built in pressure gauge let's you see exactly what pressure you're set to from 0 to 30psi (2bar). 

The guage unscrews for easy cleaning but wait, there's more!

The valve tip can also unscrew and provides brewers with the ability to replace the valve tip and use any of our multi pressure PRVs (Pressure Relief Valves) instead (sold separately). You can choose from bluepurplered  PRVS to simply set and forget when running your pressure processes.

Spundy is low profile, sitting just 4.5cm tall, to help brewers fit their pressure equipment in height limited fermentation chambers, fridges or cupboards. 

So, whether you're pressure fermenting, pressure transferring or kegging, chose Spundy to control the pressure however you want in your brewery.