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Silicone bung, bored and solid


Pure silicone bungs are available bored to fit an airlock or solid for sealing purposes.

The bungs are tapered.

White winery grade silicone is a purer alternative to rubber and they are ideal for long term storage of wine in demijohns or barrels.

They have a long durable life span.

  • Bottom diameter 25mm/top 38mm     $6.50  (fits 5 litre and up to 23 litre jar)
  • Bottom diameter 37mm/top 45mm.... $7.50 (fits 10 to 34 litre demijohns)
  • Bottom diameter 48mm/top 58-60mm with top lip    $12.50  (barrels and 54 litre demijohns)
  • You can choose bored or solid from the drop down menu below

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