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Safspirit Malt Whiskey yeast (pack size from 100gm)


SafSpirit M-1 is the most famous yeast for producing Scotch and SINGLE LMALT whiskies. As well as alcohol, it creates important higher alcohols such as fusel oils during fermentation, which are suitable for storing whisky in wooden casks. The yeast has a good tolerance to alcohol (15% ABV). Very good attenuation due to the assimilation of complex sugars, making it the best option for whiskies produced from malt, when enzyme additions are not allowed.

    • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    • produces higher alcohols, suitable for storage in wooden casks
    • alcohol tolerance: 15% ABV
    • optimal fermentation temperature: 20-32°C
    • dosage: 50-80 g/hl
    • Certified Gluten free and Non GMO

Fermentis have selected specific dry yeasts to meet the requirements of industrial whisky producers worldwide as well as industrial alcohol makers. Their Safspirit range of dry yeast are dedicated to the specific market of craft distilling.
Certifited Gluten free and Non GMO

Pitching rate: 80gm per hectolitre

Fermenting temperature range 20-32C

(Safspirit MALT is now labelled as Safspirit M-1

Available in

500gm vacuum sealed (original packing)

100gm vacuum sealed (repacked)