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Saflager S23


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11.5gm Sachets.

Fermenting in the Traditonal 'lager' Style for Superior Results 
with Saflager S23 (Saccharomyces Carlbergensis)

If you would like to ferment your beer in the traditional 'lager style of brewing' then  Saflager S23 (Saccharomyces carlbergensis) yeast  is a premium strain for bottom fermenting all Lager and Pilsener styles of beer.

This yeast, which is of German origin and used by Western commercial breweries, develops the best of its fruity and estery lager flavours when fermented at low temperatures between 9C - 15C (ideally 12C). It is a reliable yeast at higher temperatures of between 15C-21C but at its best at lower temperatures.