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Safale US-05 yeast. 11gm & 500gm sachets


Saf US-05 Ale  Yeast Dry Yeast
By Fermentis 

The Ready-to-pitch American ale yeast. Produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very crisp end palate.

Ingredients: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), rehydrating agent


11.5gm home brewers Sachet size (0.4oz)

500gm Vacuum Sealed brick  (pitch rate being 50 - 80gm per hectolitre)

Sedimentation: Low to medium
Final gravity: Medium
Dosage: 50 g/hl to 80 g/hl in primary fermentation. 
Fermentation Temperature: Recommended fermentation temperature: 15C – 24C (59-75F)

Pitching instructions: 
Sprinkle the yeast in minimum 10 times its weight of sterile water or wort at 27°c ± 3°C (80°F ± 6°F). Leave to rest 15 to 30 minutes.Gently stir for 30 minutes, and pitch the resultant cream into the fermentation vessel. 
Alternatively, pitch the yeast directly in the fermentation vessel providing the temperature of the wort is above 20°C (68°F). Progressively sprinkle the dry yeast into the wort ensuring the yeast covers all the surface of wort available in order to avoid clumps. Leave for 30 minutes, then mix the wort using aeration or by wort addition

Storage: Store in cool (< 10C/50F), dry conditions. Opened sachets must be sealed and stored at 4C (39F) and used within 7 days of opening. Do not use soft or damaged sachets.