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Quickconnector 1/2 NPT, 1/4 flare


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1/2 NPT X 1/4 MFL Quickconnector is perfect for installing on the hop rocket as a hop infuser.

The Blichmann Hop Rocket makes an outstanding hop infuser/randalizer  for your beer dispensing system. This adds a unique bright hop aroma to your beer. Assembly and loading with hops is identical to the hopback instructions. The main difference is the adapters used to connect it to your dispensing lines. Blichmann Engiuneering offers 1/4" male flare (MFL) quick connectors that make this an easy install onto your standard beer dispensing hoses.

Install the hop rocket between the keg and the dispensing tap

you can fit either a 1/4 flare fitting swivel connect  to connect the hose to the quickconnector OR a John Guest push to fit (requires 8mm OD hose)

Any beer gun system can be installed on the outlet.

A simple inexpensive system is the Bronco tap, line and connector.