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Purestill 'Spirit Maker' copper condenser


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Please Note: It is illegal to install this condensor on a boiler  larger than 5 litre capacity if you do not own a distilling licence

Copper is the world wide industrial standard for stills..

Not just elegant to look at copper provides a smoother taste by removing strong smelling sulphides. Major distilleries use copper for this reason. 

It has an excellent reputation for removing toxins because of its natural acidic nature.

Copper has over 4 times the thermal conductivity offered by other metals. 

The Purestill Spirit Maker column comes compete with

  • digital thermometer,
  • Mounting Hardware,
  • column packing
  • and the latest release High Yield output tap
  • Note: this product works best and is a perfect fit with the BoilABeer boiler

Guaranteed Easy
It is very easy to use, comes with FULL instructions, everything you need to get started.

5 Year Warranty
Problems? No problem!  If anything goes wrong in the first 5 years of use (it shouldn’t – they are designed to last a lifetime), we will fix or replace it for you on the spot. How can we offer such a long warranty? Simply put – quality.  We use only solid copper and brass, have no breakable plastic parts, and an elegant design.

Safe to use
The electric element in the boiler makes it very easy and safe to use. It is designed to Australian Safety Standards for your peace of mind.

Australian Owned and Manufactured
The Purestill condensers are 100% Australian made, and the  company is 100% Australian owned. Don't like it for ANY reason? Pure Distilling offer a 100% money back guarantee