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Pride of Ringwood Hop Pellets


Pride of Ringwood is a hop variety that was developed in Australia and is known for its distinctive aroma and bittering characteristics. It was one of the first hops to be cultivated in Australia and has been a significant part of the country's brewing history.

Here are some key characteristics and information about Pride of Ringwood hop pellets:

  1. Origin: Pride of Ringwood hops were developed in the Ringwood region of Victoria, Australia. They are often referred to as an Australian hop variety.

  2. Aroma: This hop variety is primarily known for its high alpha acid content, which makes it suitable for bittering in beer. It imparts a mild, earthy, and slightly herbal aroma with some spicy notes.

  3. Alpha Acid Content: Pride of Ringwood hops typically have alpha acid levels ranging from 7% to 10%. This makes them a good choice for contributing bitterness to a wide range of beer styles.

  4. Usage: While Pride of Ringwood hops can be used for aroma and flavor additions in beer, they are more commonly employed for their bittering properties due to their high alpha acid content.

  5. Beer Styles: This hop variety is often used in Australian and New Zealand beer styles, including Pale Ales, Australian Lagers, and Bitters. It's also been used in some international beer styles, especially when a distinctive bitterness is desired.

  6. Pellet Form: Like many hop varieties, Pride of Ringwood hops are available in pellet form. Hop pellets are a convenient way for brewers to measure and add hops to the brewing process, and they have good storage stability.