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Polyclar PVPP (granular)


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Polyclar (PVPP) is a finely ground (granular)  —  plastic material that works in relatively the same way as isinglass and gelatin with one important difference: it reacts more with the polyphenol part of the protein-polyphenol haze-forming complex so it does not seriously impede the foam quality of the beer. Polyclar’s electrostatic charge attracts the polyphenols in the beer, thus eliminating one half of the haze-forming equation. It settles out quickly and forms a packed sediment that is easily left behind when the beer is racked.

Another interesting by-product of Polyclar’s fining action is that it can remove some oxidative browning; that is, it can lighten the color as well as clear the beer.

Can be used in conjunction with whirfloc (irish moss) in which case it is added in the last stage of the boil.


sold in 100gm vacuum sealed bags