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Pectinase (pectin destroying enzyme) 75gm


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Pectinase  is the collective term for a row of enzymes that are able to break down or to transform pectins. Pectin is a substance which stabilises the cell walls of plant cells. Sometimes called Pectolyase, pectozyme

Foremost in the preparation of  fruit juices and vegetable juices in order to increase the free run juice yield. Particularly in the case of berries, pectinases improve the extraction of fruit colourings and aromas. In some cases, pectinase  clarifies naturally cloudy juices or wines. In the preparation of juices or mashes from berries, tropical fruits, apples and pears, the use of pectinase additives is common.

Pectinase should be added whilst the fruit is being crushed. Prepare 1 tablespoon (4g) of Pectinase per 5kg of fruit in a 100ml warm water solution. Stir through the pulp. Leave for a minimum of 6 - 12 hours before pressing. Pulp: Add 1 tspn per 5L directly to pulp, leave two hours @ 50°C before diluting for main fermentation.

Most effective if used in the temperature range of 45-55C.

 sold in 75gm Vacuum sealed bag.