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Rover Novax 20 B - for hot liquids up to 95C


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Rover Novax 20 B  liquid ring pumps, suitable for the transfer of clean liquids at a maximum temperature of 95 ° C;

Can be fitted with tri clamp fittings

It is possible to reverse the direction of the flow thanks to the switch on the box command.
It comes with 1.5 meters rubber power cord and AU safety plug, suction filter and carrying handle. The pump is constructed with Viton (R) seals for greater assurance of durability.
Is used in the production process of beer and in all situations where it is necessary to transfer liquids with maximum temperature of 95 ° C.
Additional specific instructions on the correct method of use and operation are included in the package


Australian plug fitted

Max temperature 95C
L itres/ hour:  1500  (approx 25 litre minute)
øD mm: 25
HP: 0.9
Hmax (m): 10
r.p.m.: 2.850
A x B x H: 250X120H190
kg: 5kg
Can be fitted with TRI-CLAMP fittings