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Be prepared this summer to serve your beer from your own kegerator

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  • 3 year warranty

The Mangrove Jack's kegerator is ideal for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to keep your kegs chilled and ready to dispense.

With this 3 Tap Kegerator you can pour three of your favourite beers at the same time. 

The kegerator complete dispensing solution including a C02 regulator, easy to assemble gas and beer lines with push-fit components and a 3 tap stainless steel beer tower.

NOTE: You will need to purchase a c02 bottle and your kegs separately



  • Can fit up to 3 x 19 L cornelius kegs or one 50 L commercial keg
  • Digital thermostat with a temperature range of 2-28°C (26-82 F)
  • Temperature is controlled using a front mounted digital thermostat so it is easy to set the optimum temperature for the type of beers being dispensed
  • Easy to assemble beer and gas lines to reduce foaming
  • Tap tower fan cooling system for perfect pouring


  • Keg fridge with 5.8 cu.ft. keg cooling capacity
  • Robust MKIII C02 regulator
  • Gas and beer lines with push-fit components
  • 3 tap stainless steel beer tower
  • Stainless steel forward sealing taps
  • Cradle to hold a C02 bottle on the back of the keg fridge
  • Glass rack and fridge shelves
  • Tower fan
  • Drip tray
  • full instructions
  • 3 year warranty


  • Please note the kegerator comes with a cradle that goes on the back of the kegerator to hold a CO2 bottle (sold separately). This sticks out approximately 170mm from the back of the kegerator.
  • 5.8 cu.ft keg cooling capacity
  • Stainless steel flooring for additional keg support
  • 50kg
  • Stainless steel door