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Lalvin GO-FERM® PROTECT nutrient


100gm vacuum packed Go-Ferm yeast nutrient


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Can be used in conjunction with Go Ferm Nutrient, or Fermaid A Nutrient, or on its own in difficult fermentation situations.

Go-Ferm Protect is a natural yeast nutrient that is added to the yeast hydration water before adding your selected yeast strain. Its complex formula provides your yeast with the proper sterols, unsaturated fatty acids and micronutrients needed to begin fermentation in optimal shape. The great thing about Go-Ferm Protect is that the proper nutrients and vitamins are introduced BEFORE the yeast is added to the must. This way 100% of the nutrients are available to your selected yeast strain and won't be stolen away by any indigenous yeast or bacteria that may be present in the must before your yeast can become established.

Through the NATSTEP™ process, GO-FERM PROTECT® optimizes the micronutrient bioavailability of GO-FERM® with the added benefit of survival factor protection. These survival factors include specific sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids that strengthen the yeast membrane during rehydration making it more resistant to fermentation stress. GO-FERM PROTECT is used in the yeast rehydration water to create a suspension of micronutrients and survival factors that are bioavailable for selected yeasts. GO-FERM PROTECT is recommended in place of GO-FERM® for very difficult fermentation conditions, such as:


  • 1. High maturity conditions (>25° Brix) to help protect yeast against osmotic shock helping avoid high VA production during fermentation.
  • 2. High potential alcohol conditions to help protect yeast against alcohol toxicity helping avoid sluggish fermentation finishes.
  • 3. Over clarified juices to help supply key yeast survival factors.
  • 4. Restarting stuck fermentations to protect and condition the “rescue yeast” against high alcohol conditions.

Dosage recommendations: Use 30 g/hL (2.4 lb/1000 gal) of GO-FERM PROTECT™ to stimulate and protect the rehydrating yeast.

Note: This recommendation is based on a yeast inoculum of 25 g/hL (2 lb/1000 gal). If using more or less yeast, respect a ratio of 1 part yeast:1.25 parts GO-FERM PROTECT™.

GO FERM PROTECT: Available in 100gm vacuum sealed pack/repacked...$12.50
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