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Lalvin Fermaid A Yeast Nutrient


Fermaid AT: available in  100gm vacuum sealed Satchel $9.80 and also available in 1kg original packaging

IMAGE shows 2.5kg satchel (price on request)

  • FERMAID  'A' nutrient is specially developed by Lallemand for Australian and New Zealand winemaking industries  (Fermaid K is the European equivalent..so if you see recipes in books that call for Fermaid K, you can substitute Fermaid AT which is prepared for the Australian wine industry)
  • FERMAID 'A' is a nutrient mixture prepared to supplement nutrients in grape juice to ensure a rapid onset of yeast growth and completion of fermentation.
  • Fermaid contains autolysed yeast which have been grown to contain high concentrations of amino acids mixed with di-ammonium phosphate, magnesium sulphate, thiamine, folic acid, niacin and calcium pantothenate.
  • Addition of Fermaid to yeast fermentations can assist in avoiding slow or stuck fermentations.
  • Developed for commercial application,it is also particularly valuable for the balanced fermentation of fruit based winemaking recipes in the home winemaking field. (most home winemaking books recommend di ammonium phosphate as a yeast nutrient....Fermaid contributes a more complex balanced blend of essential acids and enzymes)
The elevated intracellular amino nitrogen reserve resulting from Fermaid A addition, assists the yeast to manage alcohol fermentation more effectively to completeness without prolonging the toxic exposure to alcohol as a result of a sluggish end of fermentation.  Note:  Yeasts rehydrated in Go-Ferm Protect especially benefit from the timed addition of Fermaid A at 1/3 sugar depletion.  Dosage rates are dependent on initial juice/must YAN.  


Sachet size 100gm  $9.80