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Lalvin DV 10 wine yeast



  • Champagne selection for primary and secondary fermentation 
    DV10 was selected by the SOEC in the Champagne region and is approved by the CIVC in Epernay.
  • DV10 has strong fermentation kinetics over a wide temperature range and relatively low nitrogen demands. DV10 is famous for its ability to ferment under stressful conditions of low pH, high total SO2, and low temperature. Low foaming and low VA production characterize it.
  • DV10 is considered a clean fermenter that respects varietal character and avoids bitter sensory contributions of other one-dimensional ‘workhorse’ yeasts such as Prise de Mousse. It is classified as a Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus.
  • This yeast is excellent for cider production

10gm foil sachet is repacked from the original 500gm brick.

100gm sachet is repacked and vacuum sealed. packed from original 500gm brick