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Keg King MKIII Multi Gas Regulator (options for different gases)


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MK11 Multi Gas Regulator  c02, 02, ar, n2 (0-50PSI)

The new MK111 regulator has all the advantages of the older MKii but several internal improvements have been made to make the regulator even more reliable. These include new improvements in seat and seat cap design.  The regulator has a large body for high flow rates and comes with a precision diaphragm for more accurate adjustment. The regulator has a large adjustment knob for easy adjustment

This regulator is can also be used on a range of different gasses including: CO2, Oxygen, Argon, Helium and Nitrogen.  The standard type 30 nut and stem comes fitted to the regulator for CO2 and CO2/nitrogen mixed gasses.  Other nut and stems can be purchased separately.

Optional other stems:

Type 10 Nut and Stem (with ¼” thread NPT): Oxygen, Argon, Helium
Type 50 Nut and Stem (with ¼” thread NPT): Nitrogen