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Isinglass finings


100ml bottle and 1 litre bottle  Isinglass finings

Added to beer for rapid settling of yeast. Increases stability and shelf life of beer.

Will also remove unwanted compounds resulting in smoother flavour.

Originally used in the British brewing industry to accelerate the fining or clarification of cask beer.. The finings flocculate the live yeast in the  beer into a jelly like mass forming a sediment at the base of the cask.  Always used post fermentation.

Instructions: Dissolve 100ml in approximately 250ml of beer.  Add this back to a 25 litre brew in your fermenter. Stir. 

Leave to settle for 24-48 hours before bottling.

soldin 100ml bottles and 1 litre bottles 

1 litre is suitable to clear 250 litres of beer.