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Inline Sanitary filters (pack of 2)




  • Filters down to 0.23 micron  
  • 99.99% efficiency
  • fits 1/4" and i.d 3/8" tubing
  • Sterile venting of small fermenters
  • Sterile venting for yeast starters
  • Sterile filtration of gases/air
Used as a microbiological air filter for aeration or oxygenation  systems, or for an air  filter for keg hand pumps.
Can be used as a substitute  airlock for yeast starters, or  in any fermenter using a stopper.
Note: It is not an oxygen barrier so is not suitable for long term storage of beer or wine.
Can be reused (within reason)  however you must keep note of which way you use the filter....always have the flow the same way.
Discard when discoloured.
Store dry in a zip lock plastic bag.  Do not wet with sanitisers.
This is not a liquid filter
Pack of 2 filters: $9.00
Best Buy: pack of 5 filters...$20.00