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Hop Missile (inline hop infuser)


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Just like the Blichmann U.S. made Hop rocket, this China made copy has the ability to boost your beer with hop aroma.

the Hop Missile can be used  in several ways:

as a Hop Back flushing hot wort through the missile from the boiler to the fermenter or recirculating hop infused hot wort from boiler back to boiler.

It can also be used as a randalizer.  The Randal method is technique where you insert the HopRocket between your keg and faucet and allow the beverage to flow directly through  the hops in the device for the freshest hop taste possible.

Workmanship on the welded seams of the China made unit are inferior to the Blichmann product, (which is reflected in the cheaper price)  however both units do the same job.

Fittings are extra. This hop missile has 1/2" bsp male threads on the inlet and outlet