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Hop Filter/spider


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product of KegKing

This 304 stainless steel hop filter (also known as a hop spider) is ideal for large brewing kettles to hold your hops.
Prevents hops getting into your wort chiller or fermenter.


  • Height of actual basket 35cm
  • Width of basket  at top 15cm tapererd down to 10cm
  • From bottom to bend in handle 45cm, however it is very easy to bend this handle at different points to suit your pot. You can bend the handle at the top of the  basket at 35cm if you boiler is smaller. The longer handle on this model is good if you have a larger boil pot.
  • We do have  hop spider with a shorter handle if required.

The mesh is 0.2mm aperture so it will capture 99% of the hop material while still allowing the hops to move in the kettle so you get good hop efficiency.

We also have the Mangrove Jacks hop spider if you require one with a shorter handle

Also suitable for steeping grains or late addition hops.
Simply hangs off the side of your boiler.

Suitable for up to 110C