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High Pressure LPG/Propane Burner, Stand and regulator


High pressure gas burner and stand


This High Pressure LPG/Propane Burner kicks out a huge amount of heat and is suitable for beer batches up to 150 litres.

The power of these burners will ensure you are not waiting all day for your brew kettle to get up to temperature. Using the high pressure regulator you will be able to set the flame right down to a small simmer or right up to a roaring inferno giving you a great range of control.  Gas consumption  is between 0.5 - 4.5kg per hour LPG depending on the burn rate.

Features a  sturdy welded steel frame (200kg rated)

Powerful (up to 219,000 BTU or 221MJ/hr or with high pressure regulator 0-210kPa

NOTE: This item requires a shipping quote.

 Burning In
These burners come painted black ..this will burn off when first used.  It is recommended to burn in the stand before use by running the burner for half an hour in a well ventilated area as there will be some fumes as the paint burns off initially.


box size 48 x 50 x 35. Actual weight 12kg.. ..contact for  a shipping quote.