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Harris Hospitality Regulators model 802 (single, dual and triple)


The 802 Hospitality c02 Regulator meets the  standards required for the commercial hotel and hospitality industry. The 802 Hospitality Regulator (C02/Nit)  is  suitable to safely manifold up to 3 regulators from one gas cylinder, to independently control gas to different kegs.

Start with the single unit, knowing that you can professionally manifold more units as your kegging system grows.

Gas Type - CO2/Nit.

Features include:

Wt. 1.3kg,(single)  Excellent flow, Outlet 0-400kPa, Forged brass body, Standard Harris parts, Safety relief with the ability to manually clean, Outlet with special built-in ball type reverse flow valve, to avoid internal liquid contamination, Safety pressure gauges calibrated in kPa with metal case, Lock nut on pressure adjustment, Inlet at 3 O'clock, Ability to manifold up to three (3) regulators from one cylinder

inbuilt non return valves in all sections.

single system...$155.00  (incl GST)

dual system...$295.00 (incl GST)

triple system (as pictured)..$432.00 ( incl GST)

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