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Grainfather Electric Grain Mill and Base Board


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Grainfather grain mill comes complete with electric mill, hopper and base board.

Easily crush fresh grain at home with the compact Grainfather Electric Grain Mill. The rollers are specifically designed to crackthe outer husk of the grain longitudinally, providing optimal surface area for your mash and a better filter bed for your sparge. With multiple crush sizes and speeds, it is perfect for a range of base malts and specialty grains which require different crush sizes.

  • Motorised all-in-one Grain Mill
  • Large, fluted rollers for maximum crushing
  • Adjustable crush & speed settings. Variable speed drive, up to 1.7kg of grain per minute.
  • Compact design
  • 10 Easily adjustable mill gap settings, that cover a wide range of crush sizes

The perfect purchase for all-grain brewers who want to go one step further and crush their own grain, or upgrade their existing mill. The Grainfather Electric Grain Mill makes efficient grain crushing easy.

Base board included