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Ginger Beer Kit


Ginger beer brewing kit.
This Ginger beer pack can be made alcoholic or non alcoholic (or less than 1% alcohol)
  •  The DrinkART Ginger beer kit includes equipment for those who do not have any kind of brewing equipment at all.  

If you are a home brewer you will already have the necessary equipment and you simply need to purchase the Ginger beer pack ingredients

If you are a beginner and do not have any equipment, we recommend the following kit:

  • 25 litre fermenter
  • Tap, with sediment reducer and bottle filler
  • Bung and airlock
  • Hand Capper
  • 50 Crown Seals
  • 250gm sterilising powder
  • DrinkART Ginger Beer pack to make 30 large 750ml  bottles
  • Carbonation Drops
  • Total kit price $89.00

Other option includes  

OPTIONAL EXTRA:  Add Eterna two handle crown seal capper  instead of a hand capper. Coose from drop down menu kit and eterna capper $132.00

Or if you already have  standard brewing equipment, all you require to make 30 large bottles of Ginger Beer is the DrinkART Ginger Beer pack ...$17.90