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DrinkART Ginger Beer Pack


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drinkART Ginger Beer produces a naturally brewed Ginger Beer with an exceptionally robust Ginger flavour.

Can be made with alcohol, or very low alcohol.

To make Ginger beer with alcohol: Add 500gms-1kg of sugar or dextrose  at the fermenting stage. 

To make low Alcohol Ginger beerBrewed according to instructions this pack will ferment for approx 6-12 hours with a resulting alcohol content significantly less than 1%. ..Refreshing summer drinking. No other additives required.

Each Drink Art Ginger beer pack is 1.55kg in weight . and comes complete with yeast and nutrient.
Makes 30 x 750ml bottles or 60 x 375ml bottles.

Or if kegging is preferred 1 x Corny keg.


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