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OakPLUS French Oak Fines 250gm



INNERSTAVE French medium toast fines (oakPLUS fines) can be used in every stage of winemaking. 

Fines are very small chips with a large volume of oak powder particles which results in  highly flavoured intense oak aroma. The smaller the pieces of oak, the higher the ratio of surface area and the total volume of oak.

Multi stage additions are encouraged at each stage of the wine making processing which will create different premium oak flavour profiles.  During fermentation OakPLUS will minimize undesirable vegetal characters, proved co-pigmentation to bind color, give body and  mouthfeel more than pure oak flavour.  OakPLUS added during aging offers tannin, body and true premium barrel flavors. A small amount added just prior to bottling will lift the flavor to refresh the finished oak character and leave a lingering toasty quality.

The suggested addition rate is dependent on the wine at harvest, clarity or pre bottling. The ratio of OakPLUS fines to wine will range from 2 to 22 pounds per 1000 gallons.

manufactured from French Sessilis Oak (Quercus petraea) and  air dried for a minimum of 2 years.