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FRENCH oak infusion spirals


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Still Spirits French oak medium toast  infusion spirals provide simple and fast extraction of oak aroma and flavour at a fraction of the price of a barrel. They are also really easy to add to bottles or a carboy and remove afterwards, there is no need to filter out chips.

Each spiral is suitable for up to  23 litres 

These can be used in spirits, wine, beer and cider. 
Wine: Use 1 spiral per 11 to 23 L for 6 weeks or until desired flavour is achieved. 
Beer, spirits and cider: Use 1 spiral per 11 L for 3 - 6 weeks or until desired flavour is achieved.

The Infusion Spiral system releases fresh, toasted oak compounds through its patented, spiral-cut, space-saving design. Flavors and aromas are extracted in an extremely short time frame, like with oak chips, but with results as refined and integrated as much longer aged tank staves. The abundance of cross-grain and parallel-grain exposure in the spiral design speeds extraction eight times faster than parallel-grain exposure associated with barrels and significantly faster than barrel staves, inserts, sticks, cubes, segments, blocks, beans, balls, dominoes and chains of oak. The spiral-cut design also enables oak to submerge quickly into wine, minimizing exposure to air and eliminating the need to use a supplementary weight