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Freedom One Terra Soda Stream adapter hose 72 inch


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Freedom One Terra Sods Stream adapter hose 36 inch

Next gen with Quick Disconnect on the SodaStream side. Suits Terra, Art and Duo models.

This particular model has a quick disconnect feature on the inlet side of the Terra/Art/Duo fitting.
This means you only need to drill a 19mm hole without undoing any threaded fittings.
Because of this feature, we have removed the gauge in order to stay competitive in the market.
In order to do a leak test it will be the exact same procedure. But to identify if you have a leak after a few hours of having the system off. You'll simply push the carbonate button/lever on your Sodastream machine. If you hear gas spurt, you do not have a leak.
We would recommend a quiet, well ventilated space to do this.